How to Apply

So glad you see how Eco-African matches your motivation, your artistic and entrepreneurial sensibilities, and your desire to put knowledge to work in a world hungry for change.

Full-time Studies (on-campus and online)

  1. Have you chosen your programs? Researching your program choices is an important first step. When you apply on Eco-African Schools you will have up to three program options active at a time. So have your choices ready! What does “program options” mean? It means you could select different programs that all start at the same time, OR the same program that starts at different times. Have additional questions? Check out the Eco-African FAQ page.
  2. Make sure you meet the requirements for all the programs you want to attend, each program page will outline what is required to get in. Need to upgrade your skills before returning to college full-time? Academic Upgrading can help with that.
  3. Once you’ve finished your research and gotten all the information you are looking for you can apply to Eco-African Schools. Read the application instructions carefully as they are relevant to all Schools.
  4. Check out the Important Dates so you know when changes will happen with your application.
  5. Be sure to apply by the Equal Consideration deadline of August 31. This gives you an even playing field amongst all the other qualified applicants. You can apply after August 31 and will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  6. From here Eco-African will guide you through the application process. They will even help you get your transcripts.
  7. Now that you’ve applied you can keep track of your application on your e-mail and through the Liaison offices.
Now is a great time to apply for Nursing if you are a science student.

Part-time studies (on-campus and online)

We have many great part-time courses available through the program catalogue. There you can register for on campus or online courses through the online portal.  The program page will outline the application process (if applicable) as well as any admissions requirements you must meet in order to graduate. Check out the program page or course page for details on how to register.